February 26, 2013#

Mixtape: Salpicón

Another fun mix I made nine months ago with a variety of sounds such as kuduro, champeta, cumbia, dancehall, balkan, and dembow. Enjoy!

Salpicón (Global Bass Mix) by Bunbepe on Mixcloud

February 17, 2013#
February 11, 2013#

Great 3D short animation of a modern bedroom by Veronika Demovicova and Juraj Talcik. It looks so real! More info about the project (Including work-in-progress, screenshots and all renders) on http://www.behance.net/gallery/White-Bedroom-MarvelousDesigner-tutorial-for-3dArtist/7009863

February 7, 2013#

Beautiful Website: Eden

Beautiful clean, minimal website with great use of typography and CSS implementation. So practical and easy to navigate http://www.eden-made.de.


February 2, 2013#

Photography Inspiration #3

Photography is one of my obsessions I enjoy the most. Today I will show some amazing photos from photographers I found on 500px. Featuring Vika Panasenko, Mojlo Photography, Prasetyo N, Gordon Fischmann, Oeryjin Basalta, Tashi Delek, Michiel Buijsek, Patrice MESTARI, Jarmal Martis, and 바 람팡.

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