December 31, 2013#

Queen Mary

Queen Mary by David Delgado

The Queen Mary – Long Beach, Los Angeles, California. I took this photo one year ago, when I came home, I went thru the photos I took of the Queen Mary I was not really happy with results, so I left those photos behind and moved on. It was until now I went thru those photos again and I noticed I did a good job shooting the big ship. I enhanced the photo using my favorite new tool Nik Collection Analog Efex Pro. I’m happy with the final result. Location: 33°45’11″N, 118°11’29″W See Map

December 30, 2013#

Viejo San Juan

Viejo San Juan by David Delgado

Visiting Puerto Rico has been one of my best trips so far. It was so easy to get around the island and find great spots for more than just photography. After an early dinner in Old San Juan I went for a walk in El Paseo de la Princesa and I saw this wonderful colonial building during sunset. Location: 18°27’49″N, 66°6’56″W See Map

December 29, 2013#

Tobia, Cundinamarca

Tobia, Cundinamarca by David Delgado

Tobia is a little town located in Cundinamarca, Colombia. I never heard of this town until I got there. Is about two hours away from Bogota. I went to Tobia with my uncle and a big group of people to do some rafting. Here is a shot I took of local kids playing fútbol. Location: 5°7’23″N, 74°26’58″W See Map

December 28, 2013#

Entre Rejas

Entre Rejas by David Delgado

Behind bars – My point was to make this photo a little abstract. This is a photo I took in a parking lot in Downtown Portland on Oak St & Broadway. Across is the main entrance of The Benson Hotel. Location: 45°31’19″N, 122°40’41″W See Map

December 26, 2013#

The Other Side

The Other Side by David Delgado

Mexico—United States border wall. View of the Tijuana Lighthouse and the Monumental Plaza de Toros. I was planning to shot this place months ago. The first time I went, the park was closed so I didn’t have any luck to sneak around since the border patrol is very strict in the area for obvious reasons. I got luck this time, the park was open and it was a beautiful sunny day. Location: 32°32’4″N, 117°7’22″W See Map

December 25, 2013#

My Favorite Albums of 2013

Is the end of year and here is my list of my favorite 2013 albums that bought me joy.

Mala Rodriguez - Bruja
Mala Rodriguez – Bruja
My Favorite song: Caja De Madera
Released: Jun 18, 2013
Label: Universal Music Spain, S.L.
Buy: iTunes

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December 24, 2013#

Shower of stars

Big Bear, California by David Delgado

I took this 80 second exposure photo 3 hours after sunset at the Pleasure Point Marina located in Big Bear, California. I had to be patient since it was 35° Fahrenheit (1° C).

Location: 34°14’31” N 116°56’32” W See Map

December 22, 2013#

Keep Portland Weird

Keep Portland Weird by David Delgado

View of 3rd Ave & Burn St in Downtown Portland. It was extremely cold I had to make a coffee stop to warm up a bit because I couldn’t handle the cold, so I had the opportunity to do some street shots from inside Via Tribulani restaurant.

December 20, 2013#

Toca Toca (World Bass Music Mix)

Check out my mix set. Featuring tracks by Afro Kumbe, Uproot Andy, Los Chicos Altos, Systema Solar, Palenke Soultribe, Atropolis, and more. Enjoy!

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December 20, 2013#

Inside the O

Inside the O by David Delgado

Cigarette break – 4th Ave in Downtown Portland, Oregon.

December 19, 2013#

L.A. Lot

L.A. Lot by David Delgado

I brought my camera to work to play around and took this photograph while I was having a little break from work. Photo taken from the SB Tower on Spring Street and 6th Street in Downtown Los Angeles, California.