December 31, 2012#

Best Tracks of 2012

Let’s say goodbye to the year of 2012. What’s best to remember this 2012 with a compilation of different sounds? Here are some awesome music from artists and producers. Featuring Sharps, Palov & Panama Cardoon, Ana Tijoux, Copia Doble Systema, Uproot Andy, Chief Boima, BFlecha, Los Misticos Del Ritmo, Mega Bo, Ondatropica, and Bomba Estereo.

Sharps – En el Caserio (Vocal feat. Hector el Father)

Palov & Panama Cardoon – Favelas

Ana Tijoux – Las Horas (feat. Solo Di Medina)

BFlecha – Razas Salvajes

Sonido Guay Nené – Oye Mi Negra (Copia Doble Systema Remix)

Uproot Andy & Chief Boima – Sina Makossa Remix

Los Miticos Del Ritmo – Noche de Tamborito
Mega Bo – Piloto de Fuga (feat. Funkero and BNegäo)

Ondatrópica – Bomba Trópica

Bomba Estereo – El Alma y El Cuerpo

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  1. I feel satisfeid after reading that one.

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