May 12, 2015#

Bunbepe – Still You & I (Moombahton Mix)

I went to Las Vegas a few weeks ago and I was blasting the sound system with moombahton, so I decided to recored it.

May 10, 2015#

Bunbepe – Urbane (Electronic Mix)

This 46 minute mix contains 12 tracks of minimal tech house released in the last year. Enjoy my mix!


April 7, 2015#


Very Funny video clip

April 3, 2015#

Manos Sucias (2015)

March 25, 2015#

Mitú – Mercedez

March 2, 2015#

La Yegros – Viene de Mi

Really cool music video!

January 17, 2015#

Son Palenque – Adios Batata

June 11, 2014#

Mistura (Brasil Rhythm) Mixtape

So excited! The World Cup in Brazil is about to start. Besides of being a soccer fan, I am a Brazilian music lover. Here is a selection and a mix I made of underground sounds Brazilian samba. Obrigado!

February 8, 2014#

Sand Harbor Park

Sand Harbor Park by David Delgado

Sand Harbor Park – Lake Tahoe, Nevada

February 7, 2014#


Drive by David Delgado

Photographing and driving by the Los Angeles International Airport.

February 5, 2014#

Hidden Needle

Hidden Needle by David Delgado

View of the Space Needle from Queen Anne in Seattle, Washignton.

February 4, 2014#

Hotel Europe

Hotel Europe by David Delgado

The road, the weather, the architecture, and even the motorcycle in this intersection in Vancouver, Canada has an European touch besides the name of building ‘Hotel Europe’. The building is a former hotel built in 1908, it reminds of the Sentinel Building in San Francisco. It’s a nice spot to hang out, eat, drink, and photograph. I used my wide angle lens to bring a cool perspective to the building and ground.

February 3, 2014#

Morning Mist

Morning Mist by David Delgado

Hermosa Beach Pier – Hermosa Beach, Los Angeles, California. I went for a walk this morning at the beach and of course I had to take my camera. It was overcast, chilly with good waves and a family of dolphis swimming back and forward. I used my Canon s100 for this shot and the black & white process in Analog Efex Pro.

February 2, 2014#

White Sunset

White Sunset by David Delgado

Alki Beach, Seattle, Washington. Two minute exposure shot taken during sunset.

February 1, 2014#

Lions Gate Bridge

Lions Gate Bridge by David Delgado

Clear day in Vancouver. View of the Lions Gate Bridge and the Mountain Fromme from the Stanley Park in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

January 31, 2014#

Grey Lines

Grey Lines by David Delgado

I’ve been having fun lately using the Lensbaby filters lately. It was tricky the first couple of times I used them. I’ve learned it’s not about perfection, which makes me like the Lensbaby filters even more. I’m happy as long the photograph looks cool. I took this shot while I was having a cup of tea in Seattle at the Cherry House Coffee House (about two blocks from the Space Needle).

January 24, 2014#


Hastings by David Delgado

Wide angle shot using my Sigma 10mm lens (one of my faves). View of the Top of Vancouver Revolving Restaurant from the intersection of Hastings St & Granville St in Vancouver, Canada. Location: See Map

January 21, 2014#

One O’clock

One O’clock by David Delgado

I was excited looking at so many different colors of fruits and vegetables at the famous Pike Market Place in Seattle. I always enjoy shopping at any farmer’s market, but this one has something special that I can’t really tell what it is. It has been one of my favorite spots to be in the city. Location: See Map

January 14, 2014#

Motel California

Motel California by David Delgado

Sea Sprite Motel in Hermosa Beach, Los Angeles, California. When is overcast is my perfect time to go out and shoot since the soft light helps me bring a special look to my photographs. I came to the Hermosa Beach Pier to see the sunset and also to play with the Lensbaby which makes these kind of cool effects. Location: See Map

January 12, 2014#

Sunset Surf

Sunset Surf by David Delgado

Since started learning more about photography I’ve been exploring places I didn’t pay much attention before. Huntington Beach was one of them and it was terrific. It was sunset during May and the waves were still really nice; nothing like where I live. I used my Canon 7D, the Lensbaby Composer Pro with Double Glass Optic to create the blur & distortion effect of the photograph, and I converted it into black and white using Silver Efex Pro 2. Location: See Map

January 10, 2014#

Walking by

Walking by… by David Delgado

Valladolid – I visited this little town in Yucatan, Mexico for about 25 minutes. It was a stopping break after I visited the Chichén Itzá ruins and I was heading back where I was staying in Playa del Carmen. I took advantage of this little break, I went around the main park to capture some photographs. I was attracted by the door and the wall’s texture. I saw the two local women with the long skirts approaching, and I thought it was a good idea to include them in the shot. Location: 20°41’26″N, 88°12’9″W See Map

January 5, 2014#

Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles, California by David Delgado

Pacific Park at the historic Santa Monica Pier- Santa Monica, Los Angeles, California Location: 34°0’29” N 118°29’52” W See Map

January 4, 2014#


Monteverde by David Delgado

Here is a great spot to hike in Monteverde, Costa Rica. I was able to cross awesome walking bridges, smell the nature, see and hear a lot of animals. I did this hike after some fun ziplining in Selvatura Park. Location: 10°18’48″N, 84°49’27″W See Map

January 3, 2014#

Malibu Sunset

Malibu Sunset by David Delgado

I’ve been living in Los Angeles for many years, this was my first time at the Malibu canyons. I reached to the top of mountain and it was great! I thanked Bobby Gibbons for sharing this location in one of his photos; that’s how I got there. View of the Pacific Ocean and the Santa Barbara Island all the way across. Location: 34°4’7″ N 118°41’24” W See Map

January 2, 2014#

Big Sur

Big Sur by David Delgado

I stayed in San Francisco for a few days I wanted to drive to Los Angeles taking the Pacific Coast Highway. It was a beautiful drive! I’ve been wanting to go back to Big Sur that I might plan to stay there soon. The photograph was shot almost during sunset at the Pfeiffer Big State Beach, is a must-see place if you are visiting Big Sur. Location: 36°14’18″N, 121°49’0″W See Map

January 1, 2014#


Guatemala by David Delgado

Happy new year! I really excited about 2014. I have so much plans I want to accomplish just as I did in 2013. I’m planning to travel to places I have been and places I have not been. Anyway, when I took this photograph I was amazed seeing so many high altitude crops in Guatemala, it reminded me when I was little living in Colombia (which I’m planning of going later this year). This shot took place in Chimaltenango when I was heading to Lake Atitlán. Location: 14°49’60″N, 91°6’52″W See Map

December 31, 2013#

Queen Mary

Queen Mary by David Delgado

The Queen Mary – Long Beach, Los Angeles, California. I took this photo one year ago, when I came home, I went thru the photos I took of the Queen Mary I was not really happy with results, so I left those photos behind and moved on. It was until now I went thru those photos again and I noticed I did a good job shooting the big ship. I enhanced the photo using my favorite new tool Nik Collection Analog Efex Pro. I’m happy with the final result. Location: 33°45’11″N, 118°11’29″W See Map

December 30, 2013#

Viejo San Juan

Viejo San Juan by David Delgado

Visiting Puerto Rico has been one of my best trips so far. It was so easy to get around the island and find great spots for more than just photography. After an early dinner in Old San Juan I went for a walk in El Paseo de la Princesa and I saw this wonderful colonial building during sunset. Location: 18°27’49″N, 66°6’56″W See Map

December 29, 2013#

Tobia, Cundinamarca

Tobia, Cundinamarca by David Delgado

Tobia is a little town located in Cundinamarca, Colombia. I never heard of this town until I got there. Is about two hours away from Bogota. I went to Tobia with my uncle and a big group of people to do some rafting. Here is a shot I took of local kids playing fútbol. Location: 5°7’23″N, 74°26’58″W See Map

December 28, 2013#

Entre Rejas

Entre Rejas by David Delgado

Behind bars – My point was to make this photo a little abstract. This is a photo I took in a parking lot in Downtown Portland on Oak St & Broadway. Across is the main entrance of The Benson Hotel. Location: 45°31’19″N, 122°40’41″W See Map