November 7, 2018#

Salsa Pa’ Gozar

Salsa is one of my favorite music genres that I cannot resist skipping. Here is a flavorful dance playlist I created.

October 28, 2016#

Cero Pression

Playlist I created on Spotify of different types of music for a mild mood. A little dancehall, rock, hip-hop, and electronic of artist from Latin America and Spain.

July 28, 2016#

Dippin’ Natural Tropical Mix

I created this mix with dancing flavors to shake and jump your body.

February 10, 2016#

Click Clack

I created this playlist while I was working in front of the Click Clack Hotel in Bogota, Colombia.

November 6, 2015#

Afiado Riddim (World Bass Music Mix)

Mix set of dance rhythms I made to make you groove.


1. DASH slktr – Give Me (Feat. Loko Bonó)
2. El Barba Dub vs Danilo Mashup – E Ura Que Pingo Miras Cajeta
3. Braza Music – Vai – BRAAP
4. MS Nina Los Santos – Chupa Chupa
5. Garota Safada – Veja Só No Que Deu (Omulu Remix)
6. Mahendra Kapoor & Suresh Wadekar – Sada Vasda Raje Punjab (Uproot Andy Remix)
7. Kill Emil – Porfavor
8. De Juepuchas – San Pueblito
9. A Tribe Called Red – Suplex
10. Fasta – Coca Cola Shape Riddim
11. Underground System – Bella Ciao (Chief Boima Remix)
12. Skip & Die – Anti-Capitalista (Bomba Estereo Remix)

October 30, 2015#

Minimalism Salsa

October 16, 2015#

Alternative Tracks

Alternative music in spanish to listen in cloudy days like the one I am at this exact moment.

October 6, 2015#

Real Flavour (World Bass Music Mix)

Mix set of sounds from kuduro, electronic, cumbia, arabic to salsa, baile funk, and other colorful “flavours”.

September 16, 2015#

Feroz (Hip-Hop Mix)

I created this Hip-Hop mixtape of latin american MCs including Spain.

September 3, 2015#

Somos Dos

One of my favorite song of the year by Bomba Estéreo. Cute video filmed in Santa Marta, Colombia.

June 12, 2015#

Raiz (Reggae Sound)

I will be creating Spotify playlists of cool tracks from now for those open-minded music lovers. For this playlist reggae music comes to be in charge.

May 23, 2015#

Bunbepe – Empty-Slicez (Bass Mix)

Another mix I made especially for you 😉

Empty-Slicez (Bass Mix) by Bunbepe on Mixcloud

May 12, 2015#

Bunbepe – Still You & I (Moombahton Mix)

I went to Las Vegas a few weeks ago and I was blasting the sound system with moombahton, so I decided to recored it.

May 10, 2015#

Bunbepe – Urbane (Electronic Mix)

This 46 minute mix contains 12 tracks of minimal tech house released in the last year. Enjoy my mix!


January 17, 2015#

Son Palenque – Adios Batata

June 11, 2014#

Mistura (Brasil Rhythm) Mixtape

So excited! The World Cup in Brazil is about to start. Besides of being a soccer fan, I am a Brazilian music lover. Here is a selection and a mix I made of underground sounds Brazilian samba. Obrigado!

December 25, 2013#

My Favorite Albums of 2013

Is the end of year and here is my list of my favorite 2013 albums that bought me joy.

Mala Rodriguez - Bruja
Mala Rodriguez – Bruja
My Favorite song: Caja De Madera
Released: Jun 18, 2013
Label: Universal Music Spain, S.L.
Buy: iTunes

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December 20, 2013#

Toca Toca (World Bass Music Mix)

Check out my mix set. Featuring tracks by Afro Kumbe, Uproot Andy, Los Chicos Altos, Systema Solar, Palenke Soultribe, Atropolis, and more. Enjoy!

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August 21, 2013#

ZZK Sound Vol. 3

Artist: Various Artists
Release: ZZK Sound, Vol. 3
Label: ZZK Records
Genre: Dance

It’s been four years since the Argentinian electronic label ZZK Records released their second compilation ZZK Sound Vol. 2. The first time I heard Uproot Andy’s ‘Brooklyn Cumbia, the first track from the ZZK’s second compilation it blew my mind. This new compilation ZZK Sound Vol. 3 still preservers their traditional rhythms, such as cumbia and folklore with heavy basses and synths. Buy on iTunes

Here is a preview of this compilation mixed by DJ Nim:

February 26, 2013#

Mixtape: Salpicón

Another fun mix I made nine months ago with a variety of sounds such as kuduro, champeta, cumbia, dancehall, balkan, and dembow. Enjoy!

Salpicón (Global Bass Mix) by Bunbepe on Mixcloud

January 29, 2013#

Mixtape: Cosa Buena [Free Download]

I finally made this forty-five minute global mix I planned to do a while ago. This global mix set ‘Cosa Buena’ focuses on latin tropical beats with an electronic twist.

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January 28, 2013#

Frikstailers Live Mix [Free Download]

Frikstailers, one of my favorite djs and producers performed this past December at the Boiler Room in London. The Frikstailers come all the way from Argentina under ZZK Records. They are pretty fun to watch, here is the live recording of their set.

December 31, 2012#

Best Tracks of 2012

Let’s say goodbye to the year of 2012. What’s best to remember this 2012 with a compilation of different sounds? Here are some awesome music from artists and producers. Featuring Sharps, Palov & Panama Cardoon, Ana Tijoux, Copia Doble Systema, Uproot Andy, Chief Boima, BFlecha, Los Misticos Del Ritmo, Mega Bo, Ondatropica, and Bomba Estereo.

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December 6, 2012#

Peter Kruder Pink Floyd Mix

Pink Floyd has been one of the most amazing experimental band of all times. Here is a live DJ mix set of the tripped out Pink Floyd bits.