May 20, 2013#

Photography Inspiration #4

I was feeling inspired yesterday by these great photos I’m showing in this post, they even made me go out and shoot. I ended up being at the surfer city of Huntington Beach. The lighting was perfect and I came up with good results (See photo). For today’s post I’m featuring these amazing photographers: Max, Евгения Рогачева, Oscar Jettman, Romie Stanley. D.Guns, Alfon No, Josh Tarr, David Hobcote, Mike Davies, Jaewoon u, and Dima Chu.

Norwegian King by Max

Gambia United by Oscar Jettman

Anonymous by Romie Stanley. D.Guns

Algebra by Alfon No

Milky Way arc over Palouse Falls in Washington State by Josh Tarr

Евгения Рогачева

I can see whats coming by David Hobcote

Lonely Day by Mike Davies

Green tea Jaewoon u

Ashes Dima Chu

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