July 15, 2013#

Beautiful Website: Rise

Great responsive iPhone App landing page. The color scheme works fantastic with the flat design http://www.simplebots.co.


June 3, 2013#

Beautiful Website: The Clocksmiths

Less content = more attractive – This is a great sample of a simple straight forward design. The functionality works perfect that makes the visitor get into the site. http://www.theclocksmiths.it.


February 17, 2013#
February 7, 2013#

Beautiful Website: Eden

Beautiful clean, minimal website with great use of typography and CSS implementation. So practical and easy to navigate http://www.eden-made.de.


January 28, 2013#

Beautiful Websites

I love how the internet has changed in the last years. With the new web technologies we can build more graphical websites that makes us enjoy their content. Here are some very detailed websites to admire.

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